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Every once in a while it’s fun to just throw a totally new recipe together from scratch. Be adventurous. Think of a particular flavor you wanna make and just go after it, guns hot. Here’s what I’m going for:  Chocolate Banana Nut Bread.  Sound delicious? I thought so too 🙂

  • 3.3 lb Wheat LME
  • 3.3 lb Pilsen light LME
  • 0.5 lb Munich malt
  • 0.3 lb Brown/Amber malt
  • 0.3 lb Chocolate malt
  • 0.25 lb Biscuit malt
  • 2 oz Mt. Hood hops (6.1% aa)
  • 1 tsp irish moss
  • WLP550 Belgian Ale Yeast

Let’s break it down. I wanted a bread-y, medium bodied malt flavor.  Munich and biscuit malt will cover that nicely.  Nutty, toasty flavor will come from the Brown malt (think of an English mild or brown ale, like a New Castle).  A little bit of roasty chocolate flavor will come from, you guessed it, chocolate malt.  The only think I’m iffy about is the quantities of these, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve never used banana in beer, but I hear it’s a total bee-otch.  From what I’ve read, it’s hard to retain the banana flavor from actual bananas when you add it to the beer, because the yeast will just eat up the sugars and leave virtually no good flavors behind.  But, ya never know til you try.  I’m taking the swiss-army knife approach to getting banana in this beer.

Banana approach #1. Ferment it with Belgian Ale yeast.  This strain is known for giving off banana flavors when fermenting it in higher temperatures.  Hefeweizen yeast is also known for this. If the beer tastes like everything I imagined with just this yeast, I’m set.

Banana Vodka

Bananas and Vodka

Banana approach #2.  I chopped up some bananas and let them soak in 80 proof vodka.  This will sterilize them and make some banana infused vodka, which I can possibly add later on in the process if the yeast doesn’t work out.

Banana approach #3 (last resort). Banana flavor extract.  I really don’t wanna do this because generally flavor extracts taste pretty fake, but if nothing else works, it’ll do the job.

I plan on adding a vanilla bean to the secondary and possibly some cinnamon sticks to spice it up a bit.  This beer could turn out incredibly awesome, or a total frankenstein of a beer that makes no sense.  One thing’s for sure: it will make beer.

Stats:  O.G. = 1.052, WLP550 has attenuates around ~82%, so the F.G. should be around 1.01 and yield 5% ABV.


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