EuForia Toffee Nut Brown Ale clone (all-grain)

This is a recipe that originated from my LHBS for DuClaw Brewing Company’s EuForia, a “Toffee Nut Brown Ale”. This is one my favorite DuClaw beers. It has a ton of rich toffee and caramel flavor yet as far from being a “crystal bomb” type beer as you can get. The original recipe that I received puzzles me – it has a tiny portion of rye malt (0.25lb). I’m not an avid user of rye, but I do know you need to use a substantial amount to give any sort of effect.  You definitely don’t taste any rye in EuForia, so I can’t really tell you what 1/4 lb will do. I received the recipe as a gift with all the grains milled into the same bag, so I couldn’t easily subtract anything from the bill… but I can add to it! For me, rich toffee flavor comes from English Dark Crystal, so I added a half pound of it. The chocolate malt I added at mashout to avoid any astringency.  Also, the recipe calls for a simple 152F infusion mash, but I wanted a little more sweetness and body, so I stepped it from 146 to 156 to 168.

  • 7.5 lb English Pale malt
  • 0.5 lb English Dark Crystal malt
  • 0.25 lb Crystal 120
  • 0.25 lb Rye malt
  • 0.25 lb Carawheat
  • 0.125 lb Chocolate malt
  • 1 oz Fuggles hops (5.2% aa)
  • WLP001 (2 vials)

// Mash-in 1.75 qt/lb, 146F for 30 minutes, 154/156 for 30 minutes, 168 10 minutes. Collect 6.3 gal 1.038 wort. Boil 60 minutes, collect 5.25 gal 1.049 wort. Chill to 72, pitch yeast. //

UPDATE: Fermentation got started within 8 hrs, was steady then really picked up around day 2 and overflowed into the blow-off. After 4 days, bubbling slowed to once per minute, and moved the carboy to the fridge to crash cool for 2 days. Tastes very similar to euphoria, with that big toffee flavor from the UK crystal malt. Really happy I added that! A little apple-y yeast flavor, but that should drop out.

UPDATE: My fridge was a little too cold, so it froze a good portion of the beer in the carboy. I let it thaw for a few hours indoors, but I got a little impatient in starting to rack to the keg and there was still about a 1/4 inch layer of ice in the end. Gravity reads 1.016. Slight astringency in the aftertaste, which I think is because I stupidly let through a bunch of husks on my last batch of sparging. Not so bad though.


This is quite a tasty brown ale that has a really nice clean English feel to it, even without using English yeast. The UK crystal malt is really delicious and is really “comfy” in a way, especially when you serve the beer more along the lines of a cask ale – slightly warmer and less carbonation. The atringency faded over time. It could even use a little more crystal malt – probably up to a full pound would be nice – which brings me to my next point: comparing it to EuForia. Mine is just not quite as “rich” in flavor – DuClaw’s being much more pronounced and slightly sweeter. It’s on the right track, but still, this could pass as a proper English session ale any day. Excellent color and clarity: a medium brown with ruby red highlights and an off-white head. Medium bodied, with a slightly dry aftertaste. I like it, but it definitely needs more of a malt presence to be EuForia. Still, quite a good beer!


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