Quick Bitter on Nitro


A quick 3 gallon English bitter for the nitro tap. Brewed 12/7/15.

  • 6 lb English Pale
  • 0.7 lb Victory (Briess)
  • 0.2 lb Chocolate (Briess)
  • 1/3 oz Nugget @ 60, 10, 0 min
  • WYeast 1318 London Ale 3

// Mash-in 1.45 qt/gal (2.5 gal) at 152 for 45 min, sparge to collect around 3.25 gal. Boil 60 min, 0.25 tsp yeast nutrient and 1/2 whirlflock tablet at 15 min, whirlpool at flameout for 20 minutes. Add ice to get down to 100F. Let sit in fridge for 2.5 hrs to get down to around 85F. Collected around 2.5 gal 1052 wort. Added 1 quart filtered water, which should bring it down to 1047.  30s pure O2,  pitch yeast. //

// Water: 1 tsp Gypsum, 0.25 tsp CaCl2 in mash //

Quick fermentation – done in about 4 days with a healthy layer of yeast waiting on top. Crash cooled for 36 hours and it sunk to the bottom. Gravity at 1017. Threw it on the nitro tap and it tastes a little sweet off the bat, but finishes with a pleasant toasted bread character and slight bitterness.


This was probably as close as it gets to having a classic English bitter cask ale at the ready without a hand pump. It was a pleasure drinking this beer on nitro rather than CO2. Without the nitro, there wouldn’t be that creamy head, smooth body, and the toasted malt flavors wouldn’t be as delicate. My first time using London Ale 3, and I’m a fan. It’s cleaner than the ESB strain (which is my go-to for English ales), but it still has wonderful character – it left a very malty, slightly sweet beer with great flavor. I can see how this would be a versatile strain for pale ales, stouts, ambers, or even an interesting IPA. The malts were at the forefront, with only a hint of hops peaking through every so often.


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