Dark Stout w/ Ethiopian Coffee


Craving another coffee stout!

  • 4.5 lb Marris Otter
  • 1 lb Flaked barley
  • 0.6 lb Chocolate malt
  • 0.3 lb Crystal 40
  • 0.2 lb Black malt
  • 0.5 oz Galena 60 min
  • Wyeast California Lager

// Mash-in 1.5 qt/lb at 152 for 50 min. Sparge to collect 3.5 gal wort. Boil 60 min. Chill to 120 w/ ice. Let sit for 4 hours. Collect around 3.5 gal 1052 wort. Oxygenate 60s pure O2. Pitch 1L starter. Brewed 12/11/15. //

// Water: 1 tsp chalk, 1/4 each gypsum and CaCl2 //

Slow start to fermentation – took about 24 hours before showing any signs. I used this California Lager strain because I’d bought it for a batch like 2 months ago and it never got used. I figured for a coffee stout the yeast shouldn’t matter that much anyway. I fermented it at 65 because this strain apparently works well at higher temps. After about 2 weeks the gravity finally settled around 1016.

1.4 oz Ethiopian Coffee grounds in the primary for 24 hrs while crash cooling.


The Ethiopian grounds imparted a milder yet still very expressive coffee flavor. It didn’t overpower the base beer, which I found was more the case with the French Roast stout I did a few months ago (it was still really good, as long as you like strong dark coffee). I also slightly decreased the amount of coffee, which no doubt dialed it back a bit. I found the flavor of this coffee to be more chocolate and earthy compared to the more burnt, smoky flavors of the French roast. A lot of coffee drinkers who tried this beer seemed to connect with it more than the French roast, comparing it to a standard morning/breakfast coffee roast. Overall this was a really tasty beer, but next time I’ll probably use a standard American, English, or Irish ale yeast.



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2 responses to “Dark Stout w/ Ethiopian Coffee

  1. John

    Going to give this a try. It’s that your draft tower in the back ground? I’m building one like it and would appreciate your feedback on keeping it cool.

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