Tropical Session IPA

I had some leftover English yeast that I wanted to utilize rather than dumping like I always do, so I threw together this recipe for a small batch of a low-gravity IPA with a cluster of different hops. Most of the time with an IPA I’m trying to learn about a hop, or keep the number of variations limited. For this I was hoping to do the opposite; create a bouquet of hop flavors that will hopefully be presented as a cohesive package.

  • 7 lb US 2-row Pale
  • 0.4 lb Amber malt
  • 0.2 lb Carapils
  • 0.75 oz Galena FWH
  • 0.5 oz each Amarillo, Centennial, Galaxy and Simcoe @ 10 min (pellet)
  • 0.5 oz each Amarillo, Centennial, Galaxy and Simcoe dry hop (pellet)
  • London Ale III saved from previous batch

IMG_0650// Mash-in 1.33 qt/lb. Mash was at 5.4 pH, used 0.1 lb acid malt to bring down to 5.3. Rest at 150 for 40 minutes, raise to 168 for mash out. Sparge to collect around 3 gallons. Boil 60 minutes, add ice and top-up water to hit 3.5 gallons 1.052 wort. Added 0.5 gallons filtered water to bring it 10 around 1045. Let sit for 4 hours, which brought the tempt to around 85F. The wort looked really strange in the kettle at this point – almost looked like the proteins started to coagulate, then stopped and remained suspended the wort like giant puffy clouds in a very clear wort otherwise. It was so weird that I had to document it. I did use a full whirlflock tablet rather than 1/2 like i normally do in a 3 gal batch, so maybe that had something to do with it. The hop silt trub still sunk nicely to the bottom of the kettle, thankfully. Poured wort directly onto yeast cake. No oxygenation. Brewed 12/30/15. //

// Water: 1.25 tsp gypsum in mash. //

1/1/16:  In 2 days gravity is down to 1012 – super quick fermentation since I used such a massive quantity of yeast and the OG was a little lower. Huge krausen throughout. Beautiful tropical fruit hop flavors that have a nice zing without being overly bitter. Added dry hops directly into carboy and gave it a good swirl.

1/2/15:  Moved to fridge to start crash cooling.


It’d been a while since I had a hop-forward beer on tap and this definitely hit the spot. The hop levels were appropriate – very clean and smooth hop flavor with minimal harshness, with the carbonation really adding an exclamation point to each sip. It was a nice mix of hops, without any one in particular jumping out. If anything, the Galena served as a strong earthy base with some the fruity, tropical flavors riding on top. The end beer was a bit cloudy – i might have just not given it long enough in the primary before crash cooling. No picture, unfortunately; the keg was kicked quickly during a party :O



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2 responses to “Tropical Session IPA

  1. Daniel Eng

    Hey Alex- As always I really appreciate your site and all the great recipes! I was just wondering if you could possibly share your process for brewing 3 batches? I’ve recently “scaled down” my operation as I find it easier to control (plus I can usually get this done on the stove top). Any insight or tips are appreciated!

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