American Golden Ale


This beer was the pale half of my first 10 gallon batch where I split the boils, hops, yeast, and specialty malts. A good friend of mine would classify this as a “porch beer” – something that you can sip on late into the evening, taking in the cool spring air, listening to music, sharing stories, sittin’ on a porch. My kind of beer.

Aroma: Biscuity malts up front with a hint of floral hops and soft fruits.

Appearance: Gold-ish, light orange. Huge pillowy white head that lasts foreeeeeever.

Mouthfeel: Full, malty with medium carbonation and some subtle bitterness in the finish.

Flavor:  Toasty malts and interesting hop flavor. The equinox hops are a weird mix of fruit and peppery spice – hard to describe, but it makes for a nice pale ale.

Overall:  Very flavorful, sessionable porch beer. For as much hops are in this recipe, the malts seem to take the foreground. OG was a little high (1018 or so), so that may have something to do with it. The malts and hops form an interesting balance that gives an impression of a soft fruit – maybe apricot / pear, but not acidic. The toasty malt base would be a good bill for an English bitter, or you could easily ramp up the hops to make an interesting IPA with this recipe.


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