Galaxy/Cascade APA

Spring is upon us and I’m craving some hoppy beers. I remember good things about a hoppy pale ale I brewed a few summers ago, so I decided to do a rendition using Galaxy hops since I haven’t used them that much. I also wanted a fairly short brew day, so I decided to try a minimal sparge technique with a 5 gallon BIAB method. Brewed 4/23/16.

  • 12 lb 2-row pale
  • 2 lb Munich 10L (Breiss)
  • 0.3 lb Crystal 60
  • 0.25 Cascade, 0.5 oz Galaxy FWH
  • 0.5 Cascade, 1 oz Galaxy 20 min
  • 0.5 Cascade, 1 oz Galaxy 10 min
  • 0.75 Cascade, 1.5 oz Galaxy flameout
  • Wyeast London ale III

// Mash-in 2.1 qt/lb (7.5 gal) at 154 for 40 minutes, dunk grain bag in 1.5 gal 170F water for sparge. Collect around 7.75 gal 1040 wort. Boil 60 minutes, add flameout hops and let stand for 30 minutes at 170F. Chill to 75F. Collect around 5 gallons (about 1 gallon leftover of hop/trub) 1051 wort. Rack directly onto yeast cake from pale jaryllo. //

// Water: 4 tsp Gypsum to mash. //

4/24/16:  Fermentation was quick (started almost immediately after pitching) and out of control – after just one day it appeared to be close to finished. Gravity at 1013 and tastes wonderful. Slightly dry, but crisp and hoppy. Still very cloudy. Added 1 oz of Galaxy dry hops to the primary.

4/25/16:  Transferred carboy to fridge to crash cool. Tasting notes.


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