Dry-hopped Sour w/ Bottle Dregs


One issue I’ve found with “quick souring” methods is the lack of complexity and depth of flavor compared to a properly aged sour. Lactobacillus plantarum can create enough lactic acid to sour a beer quickly in 48 hours at room temp, but the slower working organisms like Pedio and Brett generally do not work as fast. Those guys, however, are what add lots of other good flavors we commonly associate with complex Gueuze-like sour beers. This batch is yet another variation, to see if I can coax some character out of bottle dregs in a short period of time after souring with Lacto. The Mad Fermentationist has a big list of unpasteurized sour beers that contain harvestable bottle dregs. I went with Gueuze Girardin since my bottle shop had it, it’s on the bottle dreg list, and I’ve never tasted it before (why not drink something new, too?). The general process will be:

  1. Mash, short boil. Chill to 90F.
  2. Add Omega Lacto blend. Let sit 72 hours at room temp.
  3. Once sourness is acheived, boil 60 minutes and add hops. Chill to 90F.
  4. Add bottle dregs. Let sit for 2 weeks or so, letting the (hopefully still alive) bugs do some work.
  5. Add Brett and/or Sacch to help finish fermentation.

3 gallon batch. 3 IBU. 3 SRM. 1065 OG. BIAB.

  • 6 lb Pils malt
  • 0.5 lb Biscuit malt
  • 0.25 oz Saaz hops (60 min)
  • 1 packet Omega Lacto Blend
  • (2) Bottle Dregs from Gueuze Girardin

// Mash in 1.4 qt/gal 60 min at 152F. Boil 15 min and chill to 90F overnight. Brewed 3/28/16. Kettle sour for 3 days with the Omega blend. Finished boil on 4/1/16, boiled hard for 60 minutes, chill to 85F w/ wort chiller, collected around 2.5 gallons. Pitch bottle dregs and seal. Wound up transferring a fair amount of trub from the kettle. //

Both bottles of Girardin were extremely flat. Barley even a *pop* when de-corking. Hmmm.  I’m not sure if this is by design, but that doesn’t give me high hopes for the dregs being alive and healthy. Maybe the cork seal was bad and the carbonation leaked out, maybe the beer never re-fermented in the bottle, who knows. Sourness was fairly mild, but overall a wonderful tasting gueuze. Hopefully I can at least pick up some of that character in this beer.

4/8/16:  A weird layer of tan sludge has formed on the surface, with some pellicle-like growths underneath. At this point, who knows if this a result of the bottle dregs and not an accidental infection on my part. I’ll wait another week, taste, assess the level of active fermentation and flavors, and decide whether or not it needs Brett to help clean things up.

4/12/16:  The sludge layer is gone, and some large bubble/pellicles are forming on the surface. Gravity at 1038. Very, very sour to taste. Some funk, but also very cloudy and apple-y. Added a vial of WLP650 Brett Brux to the carboy.

4/20/16:  started to drop clear, Gravity is at 1014. Flavor isn’t ideal. Funky, but also has a sort of apple-ish cider thing that isn’t great. No Gueuze character. Shook the carboy and sealed again.

7/1/16:  The gravity dropped to 1011, flavors have improved a little bit but not really. The level of sourness is great, but still that overly funky cheese thing going on. Not happy with how things are and not willing to wait any longer, I added 0.3 oz each of Citra, Mosaic and Equinox that I had left over in the fridge from previous batches. Let that sit 5 days before kegging. It’s now a dry-hopped sour!

7/10/16: Tasting notes to come!




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