Cranberry Peach Cider

IMG_1025Since Wegman’s juices are so awesome, I went back and picked up more to make another cider. This time I used the Cranberry/Peach one, along with some regular apple juice, to make a quick summer-y beverage. This time I’ll try to “catch” it before it hits 1.000 gravity to retain a little more sweetness.

  • (4) 64 oz bottles of Cranberry/Peach White Grape Juice
  • (2) 64 oz bottles of natural style Apple Juice
  • 1 packet WLP001
  • 0.25 tsp yeast nutrient

// Add juice to carboy, shake each one for 10-20 seconds before. Add yeast and nutrient. Nice light pink color. Brewed 6/27/16. //

6/28/16:  Big, 3 inch thick krausen.

7/17/16:  Gravity down to 1005. Caught it! Great fruit flavor and sweetness, ready to keg. Tasting notes.



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