3×3 Super Session IPA

Testing the limits of first wort hopping in a low gravity IPA. 3oz at first wort, 3oz at whirlpool, and 3oz dry hop. Second batch on the new Grainfather system.

  • 7.5 Golden Promise
  • 0.3 Carapils
  • 0.3 Amber malt
  • 3oz each Amarillo Simcoe and Citra (FWH)
  • 3oz each Amarillo Simcoe and Citra (whirlpool)
  • 3oz each Amarillo Simcoe and Citra (dry hop)
  • WLP001 (no starter).

Mash-in 1.75qt/lb At 154 for 40 minutes. Mash out at 168 for 5 min. Spargw to collect 6 gallons wort.’boil 60, collect 5.75 gal 1040 wort 86F. Chill overnight in fridge. Got down to 56F overnight, took out of the fridge, oxygenated and pitched yeast. Brewed 8/31/16.

9/5/16:  Fermentation was quick, finished within a few days. Sharp hop taste, gravity at 1013. Added dry hops, shook once a day for the next few days to mix it up. Tons of airlock activity after each shake.

9/8/16:  Moved to the fridge after 3 days dry hopping. Gravity at 1012.

9/10/16: Interesting flavors. The fermentation character seems peachy, and the hops still have a piney kind of impression. Good amount of body. Kegged, tasting notes soon.


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Filed under Hoppy, IPA, Pale Ale

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