American Wild Ale Tasting

First attempt at using wild yeast cultured from my backyard and sour room to make a beer. It’s a surreal feeling knowing that microbes just floating around in the air created this beverage, and it’s similar to how beer was made centuries ago. And, the end result was drinkable! Here’s the recipe.

Appearance: Hazy golden yellow with substantial white head that fades after about 30s.

Aroma: Esters of banana, lemon, pink grapefruit. Somewhat saison-like, but unique. Summer-y.

Mouthfeel: Light body, fairly thin with medium carbonation.

Flavor: Hefeweizen immediately comes to mind – with a healthy does of ripe fruit and pine. Soft bready flavor with lots of esters, still kind of hefe-ish but not as much banana/clove. The pine is not IPA-hoppy, but more sharp and green. Ester flavors and touch of funk carry though the finish.

Overall: Fun experiment, not so great beer. I expected it to be a little more funky and “wild” than it was, but it did dry way out which made it very refreshing and clean despite how fruity it was. Maybe there was some Brett in there, maybe not. The flavors were complex but I feel like I let it sit too long and the hops may have oxidized a bit, lending to that weird pine-y flavor that developed over time. The most encouraging part of all of the this was the yeast starter – first, the fact that it actually “worked” and created beer, but that also it got pleasantly sour before pitching. Next time I’ll probably try a full-on sour with minimal hops and see where it goes.




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2 responses to “American Wild Ale Tasting

  1. How long did you let it ferment?

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