Topaz/Centennial APA

After my Galaxy/Cascade APA placed in competition, I was awarded 1 oz of Australian Topaz hops (schwingggg). Having never used this variety, I considered making a SMaSH beer to get a feel for it, but couldn’t find any more of it at my LHBS so I decided to mix it in with a quick 3 gallon APA recipe.

  • 6.3 lb US Pale 2 row
  • 0.4 lb Crystal 40
  • 0.1 lb Crystal 80
  • 0.12 oz each Topaz, Centennial (20 min)
  • 0.25 oz each Topaz, Centennial (10 min)
  • 0.12 oz each Topaz, Centennial (8 min)
  • 0.5 oz each Topaz, Centennial (5 min)
  • WLP008 East Coast Ale

// Mash-in 1.5 qt/lb at 152F for 1 hr, sparge to collect around 3.5 gallons wort. Boil 60 minutes, add ice to collect around 3 gal wort at 120F. Chill in fridge overnight to 62F. Collected around 2.5 gal (lost a bit to trub) 1062 OG. No starter, no oxygenation. Brewed 11/25/16. //

1.5 tsp Gypsum to mash.

11/30/16:  Airlock activity slowed, beer started drop clear. Gravity at 1017. Rounded hop flavor, fair malt component too but slightly sweet. Gave the carboy a good shake to help it finish out. Likely having trouble finishing since I didn’t oxygenate.

1/1/16:  Decided it needed more hop flavor, so I added 0.25 oz each Citra and Cascade dry hop (pellets).

1/3/16:  Move to fridge to crash cool.

1/4/16: decided to try gelatin fining: added 1/2 tsp in 1/4 cup water, heated in 7 second bursts to 145 then right into primary.

1/6/16:  started to clarify but only got about halfway and stopped. Kegged anyway. 



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