who dat?

“only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others”

– Otto von Bismarck

That Otto guy was onto something. An important part of brewing is learning from your mistakes and making adjustments that support making better beer. I hope that you’ll learn from some of my recipes and iterations (and mistakes), and maybe share some of yours.

What you’ll find is that reading this is much like finding a way through a maze. For example, in one post I may write “This batch turned out great. I really liked the changes I made from batch B.” Following the link post B, it may read, “This one came out OK, but the technique I used in batch C was much more effective.” Clicking on batch C leads to another post, and down the rabbit hole we go.  There may be a better way to organize these “lessons learned” into a much less obfuscated format; but, some of these mazes are cyclic and point to one another as examples. Good luck!

At the end of each post I have a section entitled THE VERDICT which summarizes my thoughts about the beer/recipe. I usually try to wrap this up in a nice concise package with only the important details and takeaways.


3 responses to “who dat?

  1. Gary Ninman

    I am new to homebrew and am trying to replicate Maui Blonde too. Absolutely love it. Anyway, is there anyway you could forward me some slightly more specific brewing instructions and ingredient list? I’d be most appreciative. Sincerely. Gary

    • Gary Ninman

      Sorry. Found a correction in my email address

    • Hey Gary. Agreed; Maui Bikini Blonde is a delicious beer. It’s been a little while since I’ve tasted one, but in my mind it’s just a great Helles Lager with crisp malt flavor and very gentle hops. Here’s my original post with the recipe and process details: http://wp.me/p1WGBq-kS The only thing I’d try differently is a lager yeast instead of the WLP090. I recently had good success on a pale lager with Saflager S-189. Good luck!

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